Eagle Eye Home Watch & Concierge wants your boat in New York to be safe, secure and clean and ready to use whenever you wish. Eagle Eye is registered with New York State, Insured and Bonded.

Boat and Watercraft Services:

• Visual inspection of the watercraft(s)

• Inspect for vandalism or theft.

• Check watercraft cover for rips or tears and properly secured.

• Check to make sure all tie lines and ropes are secured properly.

Services covered under Boat and Watercraft:

Watercraft Services

• Interior cleaning

• Exterior wash and rinse

• Maintenance

• Oil changes

• Winterization

• Hauling/moving/storage

• Bottom paint

• Waxing

• Shrink wrapping

• Pre/Post Storm visit.

• Dock maintenance

• Visual inspection and bulb replacement

• Snow removal

We send a report to our clients of any findings of the full interior/exterior inspection and visit.

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