Eagle Eye Home Watch & Concierge keeps constant watch of upcoming weather and storms in the North East. Our biggest concern is your the safety of your property in New York and protecting them through knowledge and experience, and of course our watchful Eye. Eagle Eye is registered with New York State, Insured and Bonded.

Storm Damage Checklist:

Pre-storm visit:

Storm Services

• Take photos of exterior

• Put away or tether down furniture, objects, etc.

• Secure garbage/recycling cans

• Secure other items from possibly being blown around. Flying objects are bad.

• Take note of any dead or weak trees or limbs that may be of risk.

• Secure window glass with tape or plywood if necessary.

• Check that all windows and doors are locked and secured.

Post-storm visit:

• Inspect exterior home and property for damage. Send photos/video of before and after to client for insurance purposes for the client’s needs and records.

• Check exterior and interior for water intrusion and other damage.

• Inspect doors, windows and screens.

• Inspect electric circuit panel for tripped breakers and reset.

• Adjust HVAC settings according to outside temperatures.

• Remove downed debris and arrange for any tree service needed.

• Return outside furniture and décor to its original settings.(if applicable)

• Blow off driveway, walkway, patio, decks of any debris.

• Check outdoor pipes for freezing.(if applicable)

• Snow removal and ice melt.(if applicable)(costs for this service are extra per visit basis)

• Send reports to client of any damages that need to be repaired by outside contractor.

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