Eagle Eye Home Watch & Concierge knows how frustrating it can be to be away from your New York home, so we offer a host of Home Watch services to give you peace of mind during your time away. Eagle Eye is registered with New York State, Insured and Bonded.

Those that can benefit:

• Absentee homeowners

• Single professionals

• Snowbirds

• Frequent travelers

• Second, or third homeowners

• Vacation rentals

Comprehensive Exterior Walk Around:

Home Watch Services

• Remove newspapers, flyers or packages from doorstep or property etc.

• Check for damage, vandalism and forced entry of house, fences, and property.

• Check roof for damage from tree limbs and branches.

• Examine gutters and downspouts for proper drainage and free of leaves and ice.

• Examine property for visible drainage problems and lawn maintenance issues.

• Pick up any types of debris throughout property.

• Inspect for rodent and/or pest infestation and take appropriate action.

• Inspect pool and cover and any outside covered items such as grill or furniture.

• Water plants and shrubs as necessary.

• Check that all hoses and water supply is off and free of leaks.

Comprehensive Interior Room By Room Walk Through:

Long Island Home Watch Services

• Open and close various window treatments for show of inhabitants

• Refresh the inside of your home by turning on ceiling fans and opening windows to circulate stagnant air.

• Exercise plumbing and fixtures to ensure all seals and gaskets are properly lubricated and also to ensure still water is circulated.

• Make sure appliances are all in proper working order including circuit breakers.

• Check HVAC systems are working properly and settings set according to outside temperatures.

• Water all interior plantings and flowers as necessary.

• Check and inspect for water leaks and outside water entry leaks.

• Look for signs of bugs, pests, or rodents throughout all dwellings and rectify accordingly.

• Close and check all windows and doors are locked and secured.

• Set and check all house alarms and surveillance before departure.

We send a report to our clients of any findings of the full interior/exterior inspection and visit.

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